Meet the newest company in our portfolio investments

Facilities Management eXpress, LLC, a leading-edge provider of workflow management solutions, empowers facilities managers and occupants of managed facilities to manage resources and equipment easily and cost effectively. Through the use of the latest cloud-based technology coupled with the management team’s extensive knowledge of energy systems and facilities, the company offers the FMx™ suite of services built around a simple calendar interface. The FMx product line empowers users to do their jobs more easily and with greater control over their time. The reporting capability of the product line gives everyone associated with managing facilities greater insight into their operations.

FMx represents the next generation in work flow management for facilities managers and their clients. It was developed to solve the types of important challenges that matter most to facilities managers and is focused on just those issues. It is a much simpler solution than is available from the many legacy systems developed over the years and that have been adapted to the internet. FMx was born of the web and takes advantage of the capability of the many new tools available for training and communication, resulting in a highly effective service for budget minded organizations. When organizations utilize FMx they get better results, happier users, and proud facilities managers.

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