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The Muirfield Way: Making Businesses Bigger, Better, and More Profitable

There are a lot of challenges that come with running a business. And sometimes, even the best businesses need a helping hand to get to the next stage. That’s where Muirfield Capital comes in.

We’re a private investment firm that has one goal in mind: making businesses more successful. Our team of very successful entrepreneurs and business people know how to get things done, with the passion and expertise to help companies prosper and grow. But don’t take our word for it – allow our work to speak for itself.

One of our marquee clients is PrivIT Healthcare. Their company simplifies the collection, distribution, and analysis of personal health safety for those involved in organized sports and activities. We stepped into partnership with them at a critical time in their growth. With our assistance and guidance, PrivIT has not only been able to grow their business, but do so with some high-visibility, marquee clients, including the Ohio High School Athletic Association and the Ontario Hockey Federation. We’re excited to see where they continue to grow from here.

Another client we’ve put our brilliance behind is HealthSpot. Their mission is to increase access to high quality, convenient, and affordable health care services around the world. When we stepped in with them, the telemedicine field was still developing. With our guidance, HealthSpot has continued to flourish. Their company was accepted to the Dell Founders Club and the Entreprenuer-in-Residence program. As a result, they’ve presented their ideas to both the Dell Marketing Excellence Series, and even testified in front of the Ohio legislature on harnessing homegrown innovation.

We’re proud to be a partner in the success of many different companies, and are always looking for our next great success story. Are you that story? Contact us today and get started on the path to success.

Muirfield Capital Launches New Website!

New website focused on growing funding, capital for business of all sizes

Muirfield Capital, a Private Investment Firm based in Central Ohio, is proud to announce the launch of their new website at The interactive website, built by Columbus’ premier digital marketing agency WOW!brands, focuses on their mission of making businesses bigger, better, and more profitable.

Muirfield Capital has built a business on growing business, which is a core focus of their new website. Their team includes business leaders and successful entrepreneurs, who understand what new companies need to grow their business in a 21st Century economy. As a partner in the success of businesses of many different sizes, Muirfield Capital does more than investments into business – they provide the foundations for continued future success. Clients that Muirfield Capital has helped to grow to new heights include ChaseTek, Real and Wonderful, PrivIT, Healthspot, and 4C.

“As a partner in small business, having a website that clearly explains our values was our biggest priority,” said Brett Febus, CEO of Muirfield Capital. “With our new website in place, we look forward to growing our business through embracing the challenges businesses face daily, and helping them grow through their adversity.”

As a digital marketing agency, WOW!brands worked with Muirfield Capital to capture the core of their message, and translate it into an online presence. The new website features a highly visual interface, complimented by an easy to navigate site that clearly expands on the mission of the company.

“With this website redesign, our team was challenged to do something new: create a clean, professional, and approachable look for Muirfield Capital,” said Andrew Catapano, CEO of WOW!brands. “Our team provided a forward-facing design that exceeded all of the parameters of the project. I’m incredibly proud of everyone that made this project a reality.

To learn more about Muirfield Capital’s mission and services, including angel investing, mid-stage capital infusions, short-term loans, mergers and restructuring, and more, visit their new website at

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About Muirfield Capital:
Muirfield Capital helps businesses get bigger, better, and more profitable over time. Our team consists of very successful entrepreneurs business leaders, all with the experience and passion you need to help your business prosper and grow. Our clients include ChaseTek, Real and Wonderful, PrivIT, and Healthspot. For more information about Muirfield Capital’s services, visit our website at
About WOWbrands:
WOWbrands is a collective of designers, writers, video production staff, and marketing strategists who build brands on the web. It is a holistic digital marketing agency that, for the past six years, has provided some of the best and most visible web design in Columbus and around the world. Their strategic client list includes tattletale portable alarm systems; AspectSolar; Red, White & Boom; and RMSe. is Columbus’ premier choice for web design.


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