Georgia High School Association Approves PrivIT e-PPE to Improve the Health and Safety of Student-Athletes

The Georgia High School Association (GHSA) has announced the approval to allow its member high schools to use the PrivIT e-PPE (electronic Pre-Participation Evaluation) solution to replace the current paper-based PPE process used for interscholastic sports. PrivIT, a Columbus, Ohio, based company, transformed the process for the management and collection of physical forms required for participation in high school sports.

“As the governing body for high school athletic programs, the GHSA provides standards for participation in interscholastic sports throughout the state. The GHSA State Officers are excited to offer our high school members the PrivIT e-PPE solution designed to enhance the sport pre-participation process as an option to the paper-based process,” said Ralph Swearngin, Executive Director of the Georgia High School Association.

Migrating the paper PPE process to the PrivIT e-PPE solution gives parents the flexibility to keep their child’s health information current, and since the information is only entered once, updating the information in the future is as simple as clicking a few buttons. PrivIT e-PPE will help high schools better facilitate the process of collecting personal health history information from athletes and save time and costs associated with managing the paper process.

PrivIT e-PPE is a patented and secure solution that includes a more comprehensive health history questionnaire that is easy to use and helps mitigate health risks related to sports. The reports generated by PrivIT e-PPE provide a detailed summary of an athlete’s health history and readily identifies health risk areas to support the physical exam. Taking the paper-based process and transitioning it online will provide athletic trainers and coaches more time to focus on the nearly 193,000 Georgia student-athletes.

“It is an exciting time for interscholastic sports, as we continue to adapt and grow in a digital world. By implementing PrivIT e-PPE, we look forward to enhancing the health and safety of our student athletes, and to providing a modern standard for the pre-participation process,” said Gary Phillips, Assistant Executive Director of the Georgia High School Association.

“Being a leader in sports health, we are looking forward to fostering a long-term relationship with the GHSA,” said Jeffrey Sopp, CEO of PrivIT. “Being able to provide Georgia high schools with a solution for improving processes that result in protecting the health and safety of student-athletes is rewarding.”

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